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    This coffee blend offers a smooth, medium-body brew with perfectly balanced flavors. Once we have found the perfect bean, we nurture it in the roasting process to develop the delicate nutty, fruity and earthy tones while inhibiting acidity that can make the cup too bright.

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About Our Coffee

Our recipe for award winning coffee is simple.

We use the best beans and the best roast to make the best blends.

The Best Beans. We use only the top 1% of the highest quality, specialty grade Arabica beans grown anywhere in the world--the best of the very best. There are two main species of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. Although the far more prevalent Robusta is easier to grow and is less expensive to buy, Arabica is by far the better tasting of the two. Both Robusta and Arabica have many different grades. Naturally, the higher grades taste better and cost more. The highest grades of all are called specialty grades. All of Nova Rosti's Coffees are the specialty grade of high altitude grown, 100% Arabica coffee.

The Best Roast. We carefully dry roast our beans to preserve flavor. Dry Roasted coffee has no water added to the roasting cycle. The advantages to dry roasting include longer shelf life (extra moisture combined with oxidation causes faster loss of freshness), a reduced tendency to gum up and clog the mills and passageways of grinders, and most importantly, better flavor and aroma. Compare Nova Rosti's dry roasted coffee to any wet roasted coffee and you will taste the difference immediately.

The Best Blend. We post blend all of our beans. Each varietal, or type of coffee, has different characteristics from other varietals. Therefore, each varietal needs to be roasted differently in order to enhance the best characteristics of that particular bean. It is impossible to maximize the flavor of each varietal if they are blended first and then roasted together. Nova Rosti's varietals are separately and uniquely roasted before they are blended to preserve their richness and balance.

The flavor and body of Nova Rosti's coffee does not easily thin with the addition of milk or water. This means that whether you drink a giant latte or a traditional cappuccino, the richness and flavor of the coffee will remain.

We are Fair Trade certified by TransFairUSA. We understand that communities in coffee producing areas around the globe have been adversely affected by unfair trade practices. We recognize the importance of offering farmers a premium price for quality product.

Our Organic coffees are certified USDA Organic by CCOF. We use only the very highest quality organic beans available so that no quality is sacrificed. Our decaf blends are Naturally Decaffeinated to avoid chemical additives.

We offer a Private Label Program for cafes and restaurants to enhance your visibility and customer loyalty. Please contact us for further information including pricing and label design.

We offer Wholesale pricing for restaurants, cafes, delis and office coffee programs.

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